Diwata mission

There is a world of Divine Natural Majesty.

It's evolving right now.

In a life of cause and effect, and finite time,

Sales projections and deadlines,

What could be more divinely indifferent, than Nature in all her glory...?

My journey has revealed to me,

That she delights in my appreciation of her.

And that she reveals ever more to those who would see...

Would that I could inspire more to look to her and heed her lessons.

To shift perspectives and priorities.

To be again, affirmed and inspired.

Ambience album writing

There was a time, before time, when all was timelessness. An infinitesimal, eternal moment of now, felt and experienced as stillness.
But then there was light.
For all time since then, life has remembered and craved that stillness. Some lives have experienced it, for a time.

Evolving Rhythms Vol 3 writing

This is the latest collection of my life work. Thanks for sharing! I am absolutely humbled and blessed that the music of life finds its way to, and through me.The sounds that make up the tracks of this collection are mostly of an acoustic origin. Recorded, not synthesized, around bonfires at festivals, on beaches in the remote reaches of the South West Pacific after days and nights of sailing through starlight, phosphorescence and warm tropical winds scented with burning rubbish and tropical fruits. Much of the music was mixed on solar and wind power aboard a 63 foot sailing catamaran.

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